Wednesday, December 18, 2013

What We Do When We're Alone

Do you notice yourself doing things differently when you're alone in the house? Which behaviors do you change (hide?) when your significant other or roommate leaves?

I wanted to know, so I took a survey.

Here's the secret stuff I found that people do when left on their own:

Me: 29 year old female, living with fiance/ no kids -- When Capricorn is away, I will read, or watch videos on my laptop, or even do crafty things (because I am a crafty bitch) on my bed. Meaning, by the time I go to sleep, there's a series of books, clothing, laptop, canvases--whatever, you name it, next to me on the bed while I sleep. And the cats. He hates this. This is something I can't do when he's here, but it always happens when he's away.

Cooking: If it is just me, I don't do it. I live off of a diet of arugula, grilled chicken, coconut water and too many sushi dinners. I only cook when he comes back, or if a friend is over for dinner.

Lana: 29 year old female, living with fiance/ no kids -- When my fiance is out of town or even just working the over night at the vet clinic and I have "me" time I do all the things I normally compromise on.

I watch my stupid WB shows that she won't watch (supernatural, the Carrie diaries) or the history channel, and I order sushi (she can't even stand the sight of the stuff). I sleep in the middle of the bed with two cats and a pug so I don't get lonely. I also read a lot. When Kelly and I are home together, which isn't as often as I'd like since our work schedules are both weird I always feel like I need to do things with her, spend time with her, enjoy her company. Which means solo activities like reading that new Steven King book go on the back burner. And I'm completely ok with that. I want to spend time with her. But sometimes its nice to curl up with a spicy tuna roll, a new book, and that ww2 documentary without feeling guilty.

Jenna: 30 year old female, married with 2 young kids -- When my husband is on shift (24 hours every 3rd day), I sometimes do the thing he hates the in bed. Its ice cream though, so in my opinion it doesn't count. It drives him nuts. And sometimes if I sort the laundry on the bed at night, I will get distracted w the movie I'm watching and end up just moving it all to his side and going to sleep it eventually gets put away.

Kylie: 25 year old female, married / no kids -- Every time my husband isn't home I make frozen French toast sticks and pour tons of syrup all over them and have a glass of milk. Childhood favorite.

April: 29 year old female, in relationship / no kids -- Wax my 'stache.

Leia: 29 year old female, live with boyfriend / no kids -- I sleep diagonally in bed or sneak the dog on the bed which he doesn't allow. And I always deep clean the house when he's not home so he doesn't get in my way.

Dana: 36 year old female, live with boyfriend / shares kids with ex-husband -- Are we being honest? Masturbate. Whenever. I NEVER want to get caught doing that. Or watching porn, I'm a lady.

Rachel: 28 year old female, married / 3 kids -- This is too funny because we ALL change when our significant others are away! I get to watch my chick flicks, hang out with my other mom friends more and drink a little more often than usual. Being a mom I also have to juggle the kiddies by myself but that also means not necessarily making 'real' dinners...mac n cheese, peanut butter and jelly, get the idea. I don't have to worry about when he'll be home so I can have the house clean and dinner ready I'm also a HUGE bed hog! No cats or crafts in my bed! It's me, me ME!

Natalie: 27 year old female, lives with male roommate / no kids -- I go out with girlfriends and paint the town red and let my dog sleep with me. And I put a knife under my pillow, don't judge me.

Anya: 27 year old female, lives with roommates / no kids -- I talk to myself (in French, English, or Russian), listen Russian music and sing, walk in my underwear, i spend a lot of time pampering myself (bath, body lotion, and everything else)

Capricorn: 31 year old male, living with fiance / no kids -- I think I spend less money when I go out. (Which is funny, because I told him I think I spend more money.)

Tracy: 30 year old female, living with roommate / no kids -- I walk around naked and watch Netflix.

Karen: 29 year old female, lives alone, spending 1/2 week with boyfriend / no kids -- I SLEEP. We haven't found the best way to sleep together yet, I like a fan on, he hates it. I sleep with the tv on and I'm trying to stop when he is over. When he's not around, it's me, my fan, and the tv all night.

Common Thread:

We got bed issues! The majority of surveyed participants noted that their sleeping arrangements change when their significant others were away. We sleep in the middle, with pets, or with projects. There you have it. I wonder if this equals better sleep, or just different.

Do you do something entirely different? Let me know what you do when the person you live with goes away.

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  1. I find it hard to believe that only one person said they masturbate, watch porn, or walk around naked. I think some ladies aren't fessing up to the full truth here! :-)

    As for me, of course as a guy we watch porn when tha gal is not around! And we sit on the couch naked or in our underwear. And play videogames. That, or we meet up with our buds to drink!

    1. :) I knew who answered... so if I could have done it in a way where they were completely anonymous, the answers might have been different *shrug* but at least there's one!

      Of course! Ugh, the videogames... Thank you for your honest answers, Phil!

  2. I, um... I write. Because I can't do that when anyone is around. My kids are distracting and my wife...; even when she's "letting me write," she talks to me, usually with questions, which means I have to be paying attention to what she's saying.

    1. I know the feeling! I write too when alone. Sometimes it's the peace and quiet you need to get stuff accomplish.

  3. Replies
    1. No, Perry. Their identities have been kept secret. Tough luck.

  4. Can I relate or what?? It's been a while since I've been alone for any lengthy period but in my experiences of being alone 1) read..and ahem...enjoy erotic novels 2) dance naked 3) read sitting on the floor in the middle of the room 4) eat standing up 5) various stretching exercises I would never attempt with a witness.

  5. I sleep with manuscripts, books, papers, pencils, pens, phones, camera, and laptop all over the bed. I eat tons of bacon! Drink nothing but coffee for breakfast, Guinness for lunch, and martinis for dinner. Eating is optional. Jeans and a t-shirt 24/7, except in the shower.